The Vision

IACE aims to be the principle source of information, the main supplier of education and accredited qualifications, and the preferred worldwide forum for Commissioning Professionals, Commissioning Engineers, Commissioning Technicians, and Commissioning Operatives in all aspects of Commissioning in all industries worldwide.

IACE believes that Commissioning, as a discipline, has not been given the recognition it deserves, and shall strive to put Commissioning in its rightful place among the other disciplines in all areas.

The Mission

IACE’s mission is to serve its worldwide network of members and partners by providing access to a professional platform and a forum to focus both their professional development and the advancement of the Commissioning discipline. In order to execute delivery of this mission, and in order to be able to evaluate our progress, we have broken down the components of the mission into manageable deliverable packages, each focusing on specific aspects of the Commissioning profession.
These packages are:

IACE Guiding Principle

IACE has the following guiding principle, which is at the core of our Vision, Mission, and Values.

IACE is dedicated to the inclusion and development of all Commissioning Professionals, in all industries, worldwide.

Following on from this basic guiding principle, IACE has these values:

  • We value the professionalism and expertise of our members within their industry sectors, and strive for excellence at all levels of our membership.
  • We believe in personal growth and Continuous Professional Development by means of internationally recognised certification and accredited education courses for our members.
  • We always act with integrity and require the same of our members.
  • We believe in the capability and competence of our Commissioning Professional membership base, and we shall all strive for the professional recognition deserved within this vital discipline.

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