Is CPD mandatory for IACE members?


By joining IACE as a member, you are making a commitment to your ongoing professional development in the field of commissioning. This is in order to develop your own interests and to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of your job.  The IACE Code of Practice for Professional Commissioning Professionals states that adherence to the code, including an ongoing commitment to self-development, is a fundamental requirement of IACE membership.

Providing evidence of my CPD

We recommend that all IACE members maintain a record of their CPD plans and activities.  Every 3-years members are required to submit a minimum of 60 CPD units to their personal webspace on MyIACE. IACE will select a sample of members at random who will be asked to submit their CPD records for a technical assessment by the IACE membership committee.

How should I approach CPD

IACE recommend that good CPD is based on an on-going process of self-Reflection, Planning, Action and Evaluation: Often learning opportunities occur unexpectedly through experience, i.e. starting at the Action stage rather with self-Reflection, but it is essential that all members regularly reflect on how their knowledge levels, and skills need to be updated with planning as to how they will achieve this is a good way to ensure those skills are developed and stretched.

How do I record my CPD

IACE members can record their CPD in any format they find convenient
Recording options include:

The IACE online CPD system

This online system which has been constructed as an interactive element to MyIACE information, helps to enable ongoing recording and storage of objectives and activities online. Development activities that are undertaken using IACE resources will be automatically recorded on the online system, which will ease the burden on members to recall and record. 

CPD records prepared for other professional bodies

If you are already maintaining CPD records in order to meet the requirements of another professional body - you may be able to use these to record your CPD in respect of your commissioning-related skills as long as they provide clear evidence that they relate to relevant CPD content.

Records completed as part of organisational appraisals, performance development reviews (PDR) or personal development planning

These may be submitted if they appropriately provide evidence in compliance with IACE commissioning topics. These records will need to be clear in evidencing IACE compliance; if interpretation is required, you may need to extract relevant information and present it in another format.

What represents CPD?

Anything that increases your knowledge and skills in a way that makes you a more effective commissioning professional may be considered valid CPD. An effective CPD activity must have a clear learning outcome (an output) that is independent of the activity itself (the input). It is not only about attending formal training courses.  Informal learning gained through experience in the workplace can also be extremely important, as can self-directed learning.

Valid CPD activities can include the following:

Attending events

  • Conferences
  • Seminars/webinars
  • Exhibitions
  • Networking events

Structured learning

  • Embarking upon, working towards and completing a qualification
  • Training courses, including in-company programmes
  • Tests

Informal or self-directed learning

  • Reading journals, books, research papers etc., e.g. from IACE Library
  • Viewing multimedia resources e.g. videos,  e-learning etc., e.g. from IACE Library
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Experiential or “on-the-job” learning

Voluntary and other activities

We recommend that effective CPD should be multi-faceted, i.e. include a range of different activities that include self-directed study and opportunities to learn from other people in both formal and informal settings.

How to calculate CPD points?

For all IACE memberships, you’ll need to earn professional development units (CPD’s.) The goal is to ensure that your certified competencies stay relevant and up-to-date. Your CPD activities must relate to topics that are substantially consistent with commissioning activities.

The unit of measure for effort spent in pursuing Continuing Professional Development is obtained from participation in CPD activities. Contact hour refers to an attendance or involvement lasting one clock hour of not less than 50 minutes. 1 CPD is awarded for one contact hour. No CPD is awarded for activity/course lasting less than 50 minutes.

An IACE member is required to obtain a minimum of 60 PDUs over a qualifying period of 3 calendar years. The 60 PDUs shall comprise a minimum of 45 PDUs in structured activities and the remainder can be obtained from either structured or unstructured activities.

How much CPD should I complete?

As explained above, IACE’s approach to CPD is about members putting in time and effort towards CPD. We expect that members give due consideration to all development towards their skills and knowledge in the field of Commissioning and have the ability to provide evidence that they have done so.

Again, an IACE member is required to obtain a minimum of 60 PDUs over a qualifying period of 3 calendar years. The 60 PDUs shall comprise a minimum of 45 PDUs in structured activities and the remainder can be obtained from either structured or unstructured activities.

Submitting evidence of CPD?

Every year a sample of IACE Members will be asked to submit their records for assessment. Therefore it is vital that CPD records are kept up-to-date throughout the year.

We anticipate the sample size will be around 10% of all IACE members excluding:

  • Those awarded membership or renewal within the previous 12 month period
  • Those who have been audited in the previous 36 month period.
  • Please note: We reserve the right to request CPD records from any IACE member at any time.

How much time will I have to submit my CPD?

We ask for records to be submitted within 30 days of our request. If records are not received after IACE has sent reminders and taken reasonable steps to contact the individual concerned then, in the absence of any reasonable mitigating circumstances, we would remove active membership status and may downgrade the individual’s membership accordingly.

How should I submit CPD evidence?

Submissions should be in an electronic format that can clearly show that the CPD has been achieved.

The IACE online CPD system will generate these reports automatically using evidence that you have stored within it. Alternatively, blank templates can be downloaded for you to complete manually using the links above.  Details of where your evidence should be sent will be provided when you are informed that you have been selected to submit.

How will my CPD submission be assessed?

IACE assessors will look for clear evidence that the CPD has been considered in such a way that the member has:

  • Reflected on development needs
  • Planned activities to meet these needs when appropriate
  • Carried out a variety of developmental activities
  • Provided an evaluation of the learning outcomes of these activities and their impact at work

If my CPD records don't meet IACE's requirements?

If CPD records submitted do not, in our assessor’s view, meet IACE’s requirements then the assessor will contact the IACE member concerned and explain their reasons. The individual will then be asked to re-submit their records taking into account the assessor’s feedback. Should a second submission still fail to meet IACE’s requirements, and in the absence of any reasonable mitigating circumstances, then we may remove the appropriate membership level status and downgrade the individual’s membership accordingly.

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