The IACE Body of Knowledge (IACEBOK is the complete set of concepts, terms and activities that make up the professional domain, as defined by the professional association that is International Association of Commissioning Engineers. It is a knowledge representation of Commissioning practices and activities to assist development and understanding of the field of Commissioning in a number of diverse industries.

The IACEBOK is more than simply a collection of terms; it represents the basic methodology and glossary of terms that will be used within IACE and is the basis against which a set of training standards, syllabus and professional qualification examinations will be developed and approved.

IACE Steering Groups are being set up by IACE Vice Presidents and with invited membership of highly experienced Commissioning professionals to develop the IACEBOK. This is to ensure that the IACEBOK represents actual Commissioning methodology, terms and areas of expertise which have been gained through years of skills and knowledge gained and developed in the field rather than academic theory.

For your information, several definitions are given, for example

Body of Knowledge is:

  • "Structured knowledge that is used by members of a discipline to guide their practice or work.”
  • “The prescribed aggregation of knowledge in a particular area an individual is expected to have mastered to be considered or certified as a practitioner.”
  • A Body of Knowledge (BOK) is a set of knowledge within a profession or subject area which is generally agreed as both essential and generally known. - Gary R. Oliver, 2012

“BOK is a stepping stone to unifying community” (Waite 2004).[2] - Tuncer Ören (2005)

A 'Body of Knowledge' (BOK) is a set of accepted and agreed upon standards and nomenclatures pertaining to a field or profession. - INFORMS, 2009

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