IACE E-Learning Opportunities

Today’s learning practitioners are consistently looking for new, useful, innovative and cost-effective training solutions. IACE is working hard to develop affordable, innovative, and practitioner-focused training. A favoured tool is E-Learning, which can present many opportunities for capacity building - connecting Commissioning practitioners to just-in-time sources of knowledge and learning that is affordable and easy to access.

IACE are working with a number of growing Approved Education Providers (AEP’s) to identify the range of competencies and best-practice methodologies that can be used to create relevant industry-standard training packages.

Commissioning (and Validation) is a generic field, although the industries that it represents are many and diverse. IACE will be working hard with the many AEP’s to construct training that works well on a fundamental level but can also be extended customised to local requirements. 

As today’s tight training budgets and ever-consuming time constraints preclude travel or even time out of the office for high quality, hands-on learning, IACE have their own Learning Management System (LMS), creating a virtual learning classroom to provide convenient, easy, and reliable access to cutting edge knowledge and communities of practice. 

It is IACE’s intention to provide a variety of relevant e-Learning courses that will address a variety of basic to complex real-world Commissioning problem and we recognise that we MUST focus on relevant subject matter and areas of competence in order to stay competitive. Our courses will be practical and address targeted needs highlighted by those within the organisation and based on members’ requests.

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