Expected launch end 2016/start 2017

It is intended that IACE Professional qualifications will be an essential part of the progression towards developing excellence in the field of Commissioning, whether through engineering, managerial or support activities. The courses are being developed with the intention to meet your needs throughout your career, regardless of University degree or engineering background.

Benefits of choosing the IACE qualifications include:

Professional Achievement

Developed in such a way as to incorporate a blend of Commissioning tools, techniques, processes and skills, the qualifications will offer recognition of your Commissioning achievements.

  • IACE Fundamental (SCQF Level 6) provides knowledge at terminology level and best practice for Commissioning activities.
  • IACE Practitioner (SCQF Level 7): for people with commissioning experience and wish to recognise this formally.


Achievement of either of the above qualifications will demonstrate to your employer, clients and suppliers that you are a skilled and committed Commissioning professional. They will be aligned with the IACE Commissioning Competency Framework with which we aim to deliver best-practice and industry standards. As the IACE qualification programme develops and members achieve the qualifications, it is intended that this will assist in providing recognition throughout the world.


IACE qualifications will be developed with the IACE Body of Knowledge, which is also due for construction with Commissioning experts working together to deliver a key resource outlining well-established Commissioning knowledge and terminology.


IACE Accredited Training Providers will be a resource to provide all members with the best training and development support throughout your career, primarily to help you achieve IACE qualifications.

Getting Involved

If you are passionate about the field of Commissioning and would like to get involved in development of any of the above professional qualifications or supporting tools, please contact The IACE where the technical committee will review your application and approve you if you have the appropriate skills and expertise. It will be a pre-requisite that only full Members or Fellows may apply for this opportunity.

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