IACE Webinars

IACE intend to develop and provide a number of webinars that will provide additional learning opportunities and will count towards CPD allocations.

Experts from the field of Commissioning and partner institutions will share the latest approaches on a variety of topics such as:

  • Ensuring client access - providing client training / demonstrations.
  • Completing operating and maintenance manuals, record drawings, software and test certification.
  • Obtaining statutory approvals and insurance approvals.
  • Manufacturers work testing.
  • Component testing.
  • Pre-commissioning tests.
  • Post-commissioning tests.
  • through online presentations.

Webinars can be highly interactive experiences in a “virtual meeting room” and it is IACE’s intention that member participants will be able to see and hear the presenter, and/or a slide show, in real time from their desktop. The opportunity to interact and share comments and questions will also be available, assuring a full participation between the audience and the speakers.

Learning and Development at The IACE