Why join IACE?

Let’s educate all the Design Engineers, Procurement Engineers, and Construction Engineers that Commissioning is the crowning glory of their work, and we Commissioning Professionals are the guys who “make it actually work”.

We start the plants, we pump the first water or oil, we make the first steam, we make it happen! Join IACE and let’s put Commissioning in its rightful place among the other disciplines.

Membership of IACE provides these main benefits:


Industry Awareness

Help us to put Commissioning in its rightful place among the other disciplines.


Professional Development

Improve, extend and maximise your career opportunities by joining the IACE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses.



Gain experience, share best practices, and keep up-to-date with the latest thinking in Commissioning by exchanging ideas with like-minded professionals from difference disciplines within the Commissioning worldwide community.


Jobs and Contracts

Have access to the latest job opportunities, post your requirements on line, and search for the next Commissioning contract worldwide.

Questions to consider

Since the first professional association was formed, prospective members have asked: Why should I become a member? What’s in it for me? Is a membership good value?

Ask yourself these questions when considering joining IACE:

Do you, as a Commissioning Professional, want to have formal recognition of your skills, ability, and experience through IACE certification and membership?

Do you want to have the opportunity to embark on a Continuing Professional Development program for Commissioning Professional?

Do you want to assist IACE with its vision to put Commissioning in its rightful place among the other disciplines?

Do you want to have early access to Commissioning jobs as they become available, and also be able to post your job requirements on the website?

Do you want to increase and enhance your international network of professional colleagues, and have the option of joining a local chapter of IACE in your area?

Do you want to support Commissioning by contributing to IACEBoK, the Commissioning Body of Knowledge?

Do you wish to have the opportunity to serve on an IACE committee of Steering Group?

Do you want to prepare and demonstrate your potential for a management position to your employer or client through certification, and increase your value by expanding your skills toolkit?

Join the worldwide family of Commissioning Professionals