Overview and Objective

An IACE Commissioning whitepaper is a report written by an IACE professional member, which will address a real situation, problem, issue or procedure in the vast world of Commissioning, describe the events before, during and after the situation, and then offer a practical and proven resolution. This may cover all aspects of Commissioning, from engineering to start-up, from planning to completion, construction and validation.

The objectives of writing an IACE whitepaper are twofold: the first is to record your hard-earned experience and knowledge in the real world of Commissioning of a particular subject or situation, and the second is to make these records available to other professional commissioning engineers through the platform of the IACE whitepaper library.

A whitepaper published by IACE will earn the author CPD hours on his/her path to Fellowship.


An IACE Commissioning whitepaper can be of varying length, usually from four pages to maximum twenty. It should include all relevant drawings, documents and photos as appendices.

The white paper should be formatted into small sections with clear titles for easy reading, and with references to codes and standards where applicable.


The contents and layout of an IACE Commissioning white paper will vary depending upon the content. The following is an example of the layout and contents:



A brief title which explains the basic issue addressed.



The real situation, problem, issue or procedure is summarised and the resolution provided in a short version.


The real situation, problem, issue or procedure is described in detail with reference to drawings, photos, standards, etc.


The resolution is described in sufficient detail that other IACE professional members may use the information safely and reliably in similar cases.


Industry Awareness

A final review, with a list of “Lessons Learned” and a list of the potential value in terms of safety and quality, and the savings in time and cost are described.


Appendices containing relevant documentation.

Acceptance of a whitepaper

IACE whitepapers should be submitted for review to the Global Vice President (Technical) who will lead the review of your whitepaper by suitably qualified Committee members.

The whitepaper will then be returned to you after IACE review with IACE comments, requesting you to consider the comments, and re-submit the whitepaper.

On submittal of a reviewed whitepaper, there will be a final review before IACE acceptance into the IACE whitepaper library. Your whitepaper will then be available for all IACE members to read and use, and become part of the IACE iBOCK (Body of Commissioning Knowledge).


An accepted IACE whitepaper will become the copyright of IACE, but with full acknowledgement of the author. The author will be responsible to ensure all whitepapers are original, and do not contain any copyrighted or restricted information, drawings or documents.

Path to fellowship (FIACom.Eng)

Submittal and acceptance of at least one IACE whitepaper is a prior condition before an IACE professional member can be entered into the level of Fellow. An IACE whitepaper will also earn CPD hours.