For full IACE members you’ll need to follow the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program and earn professional development units (PDU’s.) The goal is to ensure that your certified competencies stay relevant and up-to-date.

Your PDU activities must relate to topics that are substantially consistent with the field of Commissioning in order to maintain your certification. Each member must achieve at least 60 PDU’s over a 3-year period for your certification to be renewed.

There will be many different opportunities and ways to earn PDU’s. Select from the following (some are limited):

Education (unlimited PDU’s)

  • Attend IACE sponsored education courses in-person or online
  • Participating in educational training courses is a traditional and effective way to learn. It is planned that there will be many outlets for these activities offered by IACE and third-party providers across the globe
  • Educational events held by an IACE chapter
  • Face-to-face, instructor-led courses from IACE Authorised Education Providers (AEP’s)
  • e-Learning On Demand courses
  • Courses from other third party providers
  • To view some of the upcoming opportunities,
 see our events calendar. Coming March 2016

Organisation Meetings (max 5 PDU’s)

  • Meetings, activities and local events related to the profession (Typically limited to 1–2 PDU’s)
  • Professional meetings that include an educational component provide an opportunity to learn and also to network. PMI chapters and third parties host these activities throughout the year on a local basis. Your organisation may conduct professional events as well
  • Educational sessions, keynote addresses at IACE events (add hyperlink)

Online or Digital Media (unlimited PDU’s)

Self-paced learning conducted online or through varied forms of digital media Technology allows you to cater learning and educational opportunities to your schedule and needs. Many educational webinars, videos and other types of digital content are available online and on demand. Look into the opportunities that are available through the IACE e-Learning resource. Coming Marchuary 2016

Informal Learning (max 10 PDU’s)

Educational opportunities focused on structured discussions It is possible to earn PDU’s by engaging in structured professional discussions with others, for example while you’re being mentored or participating in a “lunch and learn” session with your organisation.

Giving Back

Share your knowledge and apply your skills to contribute to the profession and advance the goals of organisations you value.

Create Content (max 10 PDU’s)

Creating new knowledge resources for use by commissioning practitioners.
By developing knowledge resources, you can share your knowledge and insight with others and contribute to their on-going learning. There are many ways to create new content, such as authoring books, blogs or articles, or creating webinars or presentations.

Author an article for the IACE library

Give a Presentation / Seminar (max 10 PDU’s)

Presenting on topics relevant to the profession of Commissioning.
There are many occasions when you could give a formal presentation, sharing knowledge that relates to commissioning. For example, you could speak at an IACE chapter event, professional conference, or internally within your organisation.

These are just a few examples. Consider the opportunities available to you.