The IACE have their first verified members

IACE are proud to advise that 35 new members have been technically validated by the in-house technical team and awarded membership at various levels. This is an on-going exercise which allows IACE to ensure that ALL applicants are audited and capabilities recognised. This is being carried out to ensure that all members represent IACE at the appropriate level. Bob Kendal, VP Technical stated that “This is a time-consuming exercise, but it is an extremely important process which IACE feel must be followed to ensure that we have the utmost confidence in our membership body. For the members in turn, they understand that they have joined and achieved membership with a professional organisation.”

The majority of IACE members have been awarded Full Membership Status which decrees that they have been recognised as Commissioning Professionals with qualifications and experience in the Commissioning Process, or as persons (including non-engineering) working within industry who are involved with Commissioning in the management and/or execution of the Commissioning Process.

Some members have the appropriate level of experience to have been awarded Fellow Membership Status. This group includes Commissioning professionals with extensive experience in a position of seniority who can demonstrate outstanding contribution to the Commissioning Process and Commissioning profession.

A very small number of the membership applications were deemed to be below full membership status at this point and were offered the membership position of Associate Membership Status. This level is available for anyone who has no relevant formal academic qualifications but who is interested in Commissioning. This can be the first step in the career path for Engineering Undergraduates who wish to demonstrate their interest in the Commissioning Profession, or wish to develop their network to assist in their in own personal development.

Members who are awarded Fellowship status are expected to contribute to the development of IACE by a proactive involvement in various Technical and Management Committees and in the mentoring of Members in their Continued Professional Development (CPD).

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