IACE conference in Abu Dhabi prior to IACE launch in January 2016

First meeting of global management team, London, England:

The International Association of Commissioning Engineers (IACE) will hold its first international management conference on 20th and 21st November 2015 in Abu Dhabi. This will be prior to the official launch of the Association in February 2016.

IACE has been established by Commissioning Professionals for Commissioning Professionals, and, for the first time, gives Commissioning a platform equal to the other main disciplines of the worldwide engineering industry, such as mechanical, electrical, process, etc.

Covering all aspects of Commissioning, and all fields, IACE welcomes membership enquiries from Commissioning Engineers, Commissioning Technicians, Commissioning Operatives and Commissioning Managers.

Paul Spice, IACE President, said that IACE was the brainchild of a small group of Commissioning Professionals in the Oil/Gas/Petrochem industry who realised that Commissioning, as a discipline, has not been given the recognition it deserves, and decided to create IACE to put Commissioning in its rightful place among the other disciplines in all areas and industries worldwide.

IACE’s mission is to serve its worldwide network of members and partners by offering a professional platform and focus for the development and advancement of the Commissioning discipline.

IACE aims to be the principal source of information, main supplier of education and accredited qualifications, and preferred worldwide forum for Commissioning Professionals.

IACE is a not­for­profit organisation registered in London, England.
Contact: Paul Spice, President
Email: paul@iacome.com
Telephone: +44 7790904502 or +968 91147092

The IACE flange logo is a registered trade mark

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