IACE have opened the doors to public membership

IACE have now opened their doors to members of the Commissioning profession. We fully intend to offer a variety of tools, techniques and development programs for members and are currently engaging with a number of education providers towards delivering unique and relevant learning opportunities. IACE are also working hard with Commissioning related organizations in numerous ways in order to source opportunities and potential discounts for members.

Items that we intend to make available to our members will include e-learning training courses; white papers, relevant text books, best-practice processes or procedures and more.

We will update you regularly to advise whenever any offerings become available. We also intend to send occasional alerts to members by email or via the News & Events section on the website so make sure you accept us or add to your contacts list so that our emails don’t get sent to the trash.

In the meantime, if you have any recommendations for items that you feel would be beneficial for your development in Commissioning and would like to be available to IACE members, please send your suggestions to info@iacome.com

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